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MAGSPEC have always performed outstanding work with regard to both data capture in the field and data processing. The added gradiometer capability is a new product which demonstrates MAGSPEC’s commitment to delivering the best results for their clients.

Brad Underwood, Managing Director, Galileo Mining

I recently awarded an 11,000 line km survey to MAGSPEC in a remote and operationally difficult area. The survey was completed within the survey specifications in six days and the final product was on my desk within a week of completion of the flying. The survey was also competitively priced. My experience is that MAGSPEC is technically and operationally sound. Give them a try, I will certainly ask them to quote again.

Keith Jones, Geophysical Consultant, Australia

We were very impressed with the efficiency and productivity of MAGSPEC Airborne Survey when conducting our recently flown Munglinup airborne magnetic survey. A good rate of production was achieved despite some challenging weather conditions, and we received daily updates from Cameron with regards to the progress for the day and the data quality. The final data was of a high quality, and all data and final reports were received shortly after the completion of the survey. The survey data is a huge improvement on what was previously available and has been critical to our further evaluation of this project area, and will be used on an ongoing basis in our future exploration programs.

Sarah Firth, Exploration Geophysicist, Silverlake Resources

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