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Geophysical Processing

Geophysical Data Processing

MAGSPEC'S processing is second to none.

Developed from over 20 years of airborne geophysical processing experience. This means the final data is made available to our clients soon after the completion of acquisition and is of the highest quality.

All data is subject to a stringent quality control process to ensure all instruments are performing at their optimum and the contract specifications are being adhered to. The QC'd data is then processed to the highest possible quality.

Some of MAGSPEC'S data processing techniques include:

  • Selective tie-line and micro levelling (this means data that does not need levelling remains untouched).
  • Full 256 channel radiometric corrections and processing.
  • NASVD or MNF spectral smoothing techniques.
  • Spectral ratio or upward crystal radon removal.
  • Interactive hands on approach (no bulk scripting means every step is closely monitored and compared).
  • Highest quality horizontal gradiometer processing.
  • Final data, both located and gridded, is delivered in the format requested by our clients.

MAGSPEC also provides a processing and reprocessing service for any airborne or ground based magnetic, radiometric and DEM data.

  • Dataset merging.
  • Reprocessing and repair of poorly processed data.
  • FFT data products.
  • Quality control and data assessment. 
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