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MAGSPEC Article in Asia Miner

See our editorial featured in the current edition of the Asia Miner.

MAGSPEC Airborne Surveys specializes in high resolution, ultra-detailed airborne geophysical work and is well equipped to expand into Asia and other mineral prospective areas. The team at MAGSPEC Airborne Surveys is highly dedicated, has decades of experience and focuses on data quality.

The company has surveyed in various countries, recently completing a 120,000 line kilometre survey in the Northern Hemisphere. With much of South East Asia being virgin territory for exploration, MAGSPEC can help unlock the economic potential of the region's undiscovered resources and is ready to fy with a fxed wing aircraft currently based in Cambodia.

Managing director Cameron Johnston says, "Airborne Geophysics is the most cost effective method of exploring a prospect. MAGSPEC uses a feet of turbine PAC 750 aircraft, all of which have been especially modifed for survey with wing tip sensor pods, tail booms (stinger) and additional fuel tanks, which allow for 8-hour plus endurance. The PAC is undoubtedly one of the best survey platforms around. Our aircraft are ready to mobilize anywhere in the world."

Read the rest of the article here: http://asiaminer.epubxp.com/i/381094

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