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About Magspec

MAGSPEC Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd is an airborne geophysics company specialising in magnetic and radiometric survey. Our company's goal is to provide the best possible service in operations, aviation, acquisition and processing to our clients. With our combined knowledge, experience, expertise and skill we strive to deliver the best possible data in a timely and cost effective manner. Some key members of the team are below.

Cameron Johnston - Director

Cameron began his career with Kevron Geophysics in 1987. Over the years he has worked for several major airborne geophysical survey companies in a processing and processing management role - his prior position being Data Processing Manager at UTS Geophysics. Cameron has personally processed millions of line kilometres, including a significant amount of the Geoscience Australia surveys over this time. Having processed surveys in many countries such as Canada, USA, Finland, Mongolia, India, Fiji, New Zealand, Africa and Greenland to name a few. Cameron's experience in data processing has been an integral part of the reputation and growth of the companies he has worked for. Over his career he has been involved in all aspects of airborne geophysics and now applies his expertise, knowledge and skills to MAGSPEC Airborne Surveys.

Peter Spencer - Operations Manager

Peter has vast experience in all aspects of conducting airborne geophysical survey. Having started his time in the industry as a Geophysical Operator Peter then spent many years in a Quality Control role before holding a position of Senior Data Processor. Peter manages all field operations and ensures all systems are at optimal performance levels. With Peter's experience through all aspects of conducting survey, from acquisition to calibrations and equipment maintenance, right through to final data production he is ideally suited to ensuring the success of each project.

Michael Lees - Sales Manager

Michael studied geophysics at Macquarie University and brings with him over 20 years of experience in the airborne geophysical survey industry; specialising in potential field surveys for mineral and petroleum exploration companies and government projects worldwide. His previous positions include VP Sales Asia Pacific for ARKeX Ltd, Sales and Marketing Director for UTS Geophysics, Marketing Coordinator for Fugro Airborne Surveys and Data Processing Manager for Tesla Geophysics.

Gary Paterson - Technical Consultant

Gary has been involved in a management capacity in the geophysics industry since 1969 having worked for Geopeko - Austirex, Aerodata, World Geoscience, AGS, UTS Geophysics and was a founding director of Kevron Geophysics. He is one of the most experienced engineers in the industry whose knowledge of acquisition systems and spectrometers is second to none. Gary's collective knowledge of Airborne Geophysics is unique and MAGSPEC is privileged to have him as our technical consultant.



MAGSPEC Airborne Surveys offers a variety of platforms and configurations for airborne survey. These include the high performance PAC P-750 XSTOL and Cessna 210/206. Magnetic Gradiometer Systems are also available allowing increased survey line spacing without loss of detail, this in turn reduces survey cost dramatically. This combination of aircraft allows for regional, ultra detailed and rugged terrain survey. MAGSPEC offers clients the option to combine these platforms. This provides greater coverage, detail where needed and quality data in rugged terrain. The most suitable aircraft type can be chosen to maintain the required terrain clearance.

magspec airborne surveys services magneticsMagnetics

Geometrics G-822 Airborne Caesium
Magnetometer Sensor

Operating Principle: Self-oscillating split-beam Caesium Vapour
Operating Range: 20,000 to 100,000 nT
Sensitivity: 0.0005 nT/√Hz RMS

magspec airborne spectrometre internalSpectrometer

Radiation Solutions RSX
Self Stabilising Spectrometer

Energy Spectra: 3 MeV plus Cosmic
Data Sampling: 0.5 to 1 second
Channels: 256 channels & K, U, Th and TC windows

Gravity GT 2AGravity

GT-2A Airborne Gravimeter

Measurement Range: 9.75 to 9.85 m/sec²
Dynamic Range: >+/- 1,000 Gals
Drift per Day: 0.1 mGals


MAGSPEC'S aviation provider knows the importance of robust systems of safety management and quality assurance. They are well aware of the high standards of safety and accountability that our clients expect of us and demand no less from themselves. Our management is committed to the continued safety of our operations and wellbeing of our staff and clients.

MAGSPEC'S aviation provider is subject to The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) audits to ensure compliance to the Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR's). They strive to exceed required standards and achieve industry best practice.

Enforcing a pro-active approach to safety by regular internal and external audits, continuous monitoring of standards, providing resources for regular check & training and having an open communication line between staff and management ensures MAGSPEC'S aviation provider keeps safety paramount.

We have internal policies in place for environmental friendliness, quality, drug and alcohol and training. MAGSPEC Airborne Surveys is a member of the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA).

International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association

MAGSPEC Airborne Surveys is a member of the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA).

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